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Criminal Defense

Due Process is a Constitutional Right

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony; whether you are guilty or innocent, you are afforded certain protections under the law to ensure that the prosecution has satisfied its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

As your criminal defense counsel, our job is to zealously advocate on your behalf to ensure that your rights are preserved throughout the process. 

What Does That Mean For You?

  • We listen to your account of events to develop a legal strategy that fits your particular case;

  • We work to keep you out-of-custody during the pendency of your case;

  • We scrutinize and if necessary, we hold law enforcement and prosecution accountable to their actions in your case; 

  • We engage skilled investigators who work hard to develop your defense; 

  • We work to make sure that all of your decisions throughout the criminal process or fully informed; and,

  • We are unafraid to take your case to trial and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

Post-Conviction Relief

A Conviction is not the End of the Line


If you have been convicted of a crime, and your appeal did not go your way, it is easy to feel defeated. But even a denial on appeal is not necessarily the end. You may be able to have your sentence reduced or be granted a new trial through a request for post-conviction relief.

Kim & Cook Law provides personalized assistance for those who have been convicted of a crime but believe they were not able to present their full defense. We believe in giving clients our full attention, learning the details of their case in order to give the most complete advice possible.

What Post-Conviction Relief Can Do For You

Post-conviction relief in Oregon can only be obtained after a case has gone through the appeals process.


These cases seek to prove that a mistake was made at trial or during your appeal that led to a conviction or overly harsh punishment.

A request for post-conviction relief can be based on a variety of circumstances where the criminal justice system failed you, such as:

  • Misconduct by prosecutors

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel

  • Improper exclusion of evidence

  • Violation of constitutional rights during the trial or on appeal

With the help of an attorney in post-conviction proceedings, you may be able to  a new trial, get a shorter sentence, or even overturn your conviction.


These proceedings are based on your constitutional right to an attorney when your fundamental rights are at stake, such as during sentencing and certain appeals.


In many cases, a request for post-conviction relief is based on a claim that your previous lawyer did not effectively represent you.

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