Do I need a letter from my employer to drive for work during COVID-19?

No. As of the date of this post, you do not need to have a letter from your employer to drive for work. You should be aware, however, that it is a Class C Misdemeanor, i.e. a crime, to violate the Governor's Executive Order 20-12, which states, in part, that you must minimize travel other than "essential travel to or from a home, residence, or workplace."

Essential travel may include the following items noted in EO 20-12:

- obtaining or providing:

- food;

- shelter;

- essential consumer needs;

- education;

- health care; or

- emergency services;

- for essential business and government services;

- for the care of:

- family members;

- household members;

- elderly persons;

- minors;

- dependents;

- persons with disabilities or other vulnerable persons; or

- pets or livestock;

- travel as directed by:

- government officials;

- law enforcement; or

- courts;


- other essential travel consistent with the Governor's Executive Orders and guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.

In general, law enforcement has indicated that their priority will be general welfare and they intend to educate and issue warnings first and issue citations or make arrests only when necessary.

Be a responsible citizen. Do not leave your home unless it is necessary to do so.


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