• Daemie M. Kim

Need help working from home? Here are some useful tips.

Forward your landline to your cell phone:

  • dial *72 on your landline phone

  • dial the 10-digit cell phone number where you want your calls forwarded

  • press #

  • to end forwarding dial *73 from your landline phone

Conference call using your cell phone:

  • from an iPhone, dial the first number you want to call

  • wait for Caller 1 to answer, then tell them they will be placed on hold while you conference in Caller 2

  • push the "add call" button (has a "+" in a circle) and dial Caller 2's number

  • push the call button

  • once you have Caller 2 on the phone, push the "merge" button

  • everyone will be on the line

Conduct a virtual conference using Zoom -- face-to-face or by phone:

  • go to https://zoom.us/ and sign-up for free

  • host a video (or non-video) conference

  • you can also screenshare!

Create and share documents using Google Drive:

If you don't already have a Gmail account, it's time to look into getting one. With a Google account, you can get free email services, 15G of free Drive space where you can share your work, and access to cloud-based Excel and Word creation programs.

Communication with co-workers:

Again -- use Gmail. The chat feature is convenient for those of you who talk faster than you type, and you can archive your conversations if necessary.

No scanner? No problem.

If you're an Android user, scan all of your documents with Drive for Android. If you're an iPhone user, consider free Apps like Genius Scan where you can use your phone to snap a picture of your document, OCR it, turn it into a PDF, combine documents, and more!

Send a fax without a fax machine -- just use your phone!

If you have a smart phone, you're basically set for life. You have a fully functioning office in your pocket. To send a fax, you have a few options. You can get an app like Fax, Genius Fax, or any other reliable facsimile apps that will charge you a nominal fee to send a scanned document or image by fax using only your phone. If you want to send a page at a time or a short fax, try the completely FREE app, called Fax App.

Send mail from the comfort of your chair.

Mailing a letter can be a pain, especially after moving your whole office home but forgetting -- the stamps. Try one of these mailing services and have your letters printed and sent for you.

We hope those tips will get you started!


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